Do you know of any company that forces pregnant mothers to perform circus tricks while heavily pregnant? Do you know any people who deprive heavily pregnant mothers food or drinks unless they perform acrobatics in a show?

Meet Kasatka.

Kasatka is a 36 year old whale kidnapped from her family off the shores of Iceland. She lives at SeaWorld San Diego and has been forced to breed several times. Here she is, pregnant and being made to perform. If she does not do the requested trick, she is refused food until she preforms a requested trick. If she refuses to do any tricks at all, SeaWorld claims they will feed her… eventually.

Orca’s routinely suffer from dehydration in captivity. They get all of their water from the food they eat, and the thawed frozen fish they’re fed by trainers contains significantly less water than live or fresh fish.

Imagine being pregnant, thirsty, and hungry. Would you do a circus trick to keep you and your child alive?